Feb 23 2017


Rain from heaven is changing everything. The hills are blanketed in green herbs, grass, mushrooms and flowers. Life is flourishing. The drought is ending. No matter how much we irrigate, nothing beats a good soaking from above!

That’s how it feels at Mountain View Church too! God has poured out his Spirit and blessings from heaven and the signs of life are everywhere! New babies are sprouting up, children are filling our classrooms, Junior High ministry has never been so vibrant and healthy! Young and old, adults are coming to church and to Christ in diversity and numbers we’ve never seen before. The energy on Sundays is palpable. We have added new staff, more classrooms and more chairs to keep up with the people joining our family. It’s an exciting time to be part of Mountain View!

Some people have been sowing faithfully into MVC for years. Others have just begun to plant roots. The harvest right now is the greatest it has ever been! I’m excited to see what is coming next and to celebrate it with friends and family old and new.

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