looking forward
Mar 30 2022


This past week Traci, Luke and I moved out of our apartment on the beach in San Clemente and into our home in the woods in Nashville. I will always treasure my time living on the ocean, AND I’m excited to live among the trees.


I’m heading back to OC in time for our night of worship on Friday. I will preach my last “regular” Sunday sermon this Sunday and then celebrate Mountain View’s 25th anniversary on the 10th. I’m looking forward to looking back with all of you on all God has done in the past.


Then Good Friday and Easter (my two favorite services to preach!) will be the grand finale of my tenure at MVC. Looking back to 2019, they were the first two services when we opened the new building and now they will be my last. COVID messed them up for all of us in 2020 and for me when I got it on Good Friday in 2021 and missed Easter. So I’m really looking forward to Good Friday and Easter this year!


In this season of looking forward and looking back, will you take the time to reflect on what God has done in the past and look forward to what he is going to do next? Looking back on God’s faithfulness in the past gives us hope for the future. And looking forward to new adventures in the future gives us joy in the present.


What are you looking forward to? How does looking back help you look forward?

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